6 Comments to “why?”

  1. We came across your beautiful, yet sad, photo and wanted to ask your permission to use it for a blindness charity we are helping to launch. Our organization is called Surgery For The Poor and the blindness charity we are working with is called HelpMeSee. Their mission is to deliver a miracle 20-minute simple surgery that can give the 20 million blind children and adults the chance to see. We would love to be able to use this photo in an ad we’d like to run in an upcoming campaign. I realize this girl is not blind, however she has such an intensity that really grabs your soul. We would be more than happy to purchase this photo from you…like a stock agency..if that’s what you prefer. Just let me know if this is something you’d consider. Thank you very much. All the best, Karen


  2. In case you didn’t see my response via my email address. THANK YOU!!!! I hope to stay in touch.


  3. Can I know your name? i would really like to use your image in this essay that i’m writing for school, to cite it properly, i need your name. Amazing pictures by the way


  4. Hi,
    I love this pic


  5. ……


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